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Couponing 101

1. NEVER photocopy coupons.
There are many reasons it may be tempting to you to scan copies of your coupons, especially coupons that will make a purchase free or nearly free; DO NOT DO IT. Essentially copying any type of coupon is illegal and seen as a form of monetary shoplifting; legally known as theft by deception, counterfeiting, and/or fraud. Coupon fraud is serious and a punishable offense with a steep penalties.

If your household's needs require you to purchase an item in bulk, you should acquire coupons through alternate resources.  I do not buy the Sunday paper for coupons. Instead, I have 8 friends who save their unused coupons for me. As a thank you, I gift them with products they will use and I have in excess. I use a coupon clearing house when I need multiples of coupons and I cant find them locally. My favorite one is: 


Additionally, you should never tamper with a coupon or decode the coupon’s bar code; this also is fraud.

2. Stay organized.
 If you don't know what you have for coupons, you can't match them up with the coming sales. It is invariable that you will not be able to take advantage of every sale that comes your way, but being organized will lessen the chance that you will miss out on a sale that would be profitable to you.