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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Feedback Desired

I am wondering if you are aware of the FREE giveaway I am sponsoring going on now and terminating on April 15th? I appreciate the folks who have taken advantage of entering the drawing. But, I got to thinking... I have had 653 "hits" on the blog in the past month, but only 13 people entered the drawing. So, I can only reason that maybe the other peoples don't know about it? Follow This Link For Contest Details Or, they are unsure about how to enter the contest? Follow This Link To "Follow Blog" and Automatically Enter Contest Or, is it that the prize is less than enticing?  Or, that they are just not interested in participating? (I don't have a link to post for the latter two options.)

So, I open this up to the world of blogging... Any ideas about what is going on? I await your feedback and ideas. You are cordially invited to comment below.

♥ Sonja

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Rite Aid Adventures: AXE Products... with an Update

So... My intention was to buy 3 Axe Bodywash, 1 Axe Detailer, 4 Axe Shampoos, & 4 AXE Deodorants and/or Body sprays for $1-$1.75 each. It did not work out that way. The plan was to make 3 transactions using the 2/$9 Sale and the additional $5RR wyb $15. Additionally, I had (2) B1G1 for the Bodywash and (8) $1/1 for the other products.

My 1st transaction went perfectly; I purchased the four items above using the (2) B1G1 coupons. The total came to $9.90 and a $5 RR printed, creating a net transaction of $4.50.

My 2nd transaction should have been 2 deodorants and 2 shampoos. I used (4) $1/1 coupons and the $5 RR, which brought my total to $9.90, again. But, no RR printed. So, I returned the items. $9.90 is a good price for 4 AXE products, but not a good as $4.90 for 4 items. I wanted the latter.

Thinking, that it might have been an issue of being a limit on the RRs (even though it wasn't listed in the flyer) I used my Mother's Wellness Card to repurchase the same items, but again, no $5 RR printed. Now, I was disappointed because it should have. I emailed Rite Aid with the problem and hope that it is remedied before the sale ends. I really did want to purchase the items and my coupons expire on April 2.

I will keep y'all posted. ♥

Update: I braved the snow (Mr. Weather, in case you did not get the memo... it IS April... and, even in Maine, 6-8 inches of fresh, wet snow is not appreciated or needed.) to go to my local Belfast Rite Aid to attempt to purchase the items I could not get last time I tried this.

I borrowed my Grandmother's and my Uncle's wellness cards, gathered the coupons I planned on using, and hoped the right scents would be in stock and that all the elements would work together. 

I purchased 3 AXE Body washes (chocolate scent, and citrus scrub, and 1 AXE Detailer. I used 2 Buy One, Get One coupons. The sale was still 2/$9 with a $5 RR wyb $15. My total came to $9.90 and I earned $5. RR. Net Transaction= $4.. So far, so good.

Sean made the next transaction. (Another sale caught my eye and I went to do some calculating.)
He bought 2 AXE Shampoos and 2 AXE Body Sprays in chocolate scent. He used four (4) $1/1 coupons. The total came to $14.50 with a $5 RR= net transaction $9.50. Total Net transaction $14 and I earned $10 RR to use at a later date.

I did not attempt to use the $5 RR that printed off my order immediately, which would have dropped Sean's total to $4.50 and earned another $5 RR. I have not heard back from corporate yet, but there have been rumors that Rite Aid is going to change the method of earning RR's to reflect a similiar system to Walgreens. That may be what happened when I attempted this same transaction in Bangor earlier. I don't know. So, I did spend slightly more than I would normally, but AXE for $1.75 each instead of the regular retail of $5.99 is a deal I can live with.

8 AXE products Regular Retail $47.92
Sale Price $36.00
With Coupons Out of Pocket $24.80
RRs Earned $10.00
Net Transaction $14.80
Total Savings $33.12 or 61%

If I hear back from corporate about the situation, I will let you know!

Sonja ♥

Rite Aid: L'Oreal Shampoo & Walgreens: Latex Gloves, Chocolate, and Tomato Sauce

I only had yesterday to hit last week's sales and I did not order product in advance because (a) I knew I was only getting a few of each thing and (b) I wasn't completely sure I would feel up to getting to the stores to shop this week. I have a stack of coupon pages at least 4 inches deep that have been sorted (to make cutting easier with my handy paper cutting machine) but not yet cut and filed away. I suspected that in my current post vacational state, I would spend my energy tackling that lot, rather than visiting stores. But, as it happened, I was in Ellsworth for a work project unexpectedly on Saturday and so, I dropped in and scored some good buys for my family.

At Rite Aid, I took advantage of buying L'Oreal shampoos and conditioners for .75 cents each.
Here's how:

I bought 4 L'Oreal Vive Pro Shampoo/Conditioner; Regular Retail: $5.49 each. And, I bought 2 L'Oreal for Kids; Regular Retail: $3.99 each. The full retail value was $29.94.
Sale Price 2/$5.00 plus, $5 RR wyb $15
I purchased 6 L'Oreal products to hit the $15 mark and I used (4) $1/1 coupons for the L'Oreal Vive Pro and (2) $.75/1 coupons for the L'Oreal Kids from the Sunday insert. My total came to $9.50. I earned a $5 RR which made my net total $4.50 for all 6 L'Oreal shampoos and conditioners.
85% savings.

Additionally, this Rite Aid had Fig Bars and Apple Bars on clearance for 75% of the $1.00 original clearance price and medium plastic bowls with covers on clearance for $1. I used my $5 RR to buy 8 fig/apple bar snacks and 3 bowls. This transaction cost me .15 cents- for the tax.

At Walgreens, I had planned on doing a similar transaction to purchase some Garnier Fructis products, but when I looked at the item on sale, even with my $1/1 coupons, the price would have been 2/$5 each bottle. More than I am willing to pay. So, I passed on that. I did buy 4 latex work gloves, 3 cans of Hunts tomato sauce, 8 candybars for a total of $6.92 using last week's in ad coupons.

Funny side story: I had my purse, but forgot my wallet in the car and had to run out (limp madly like a crazed Pirate) to get it. I had handed the nice cashier the flyer, but was less than clear that I intended on using the coupons therein. I didn't catch the total before I agreed to the purchase on my debit card, which came to $15 and change. Since, I had planned on only spending about $6, I explained the problem, i.e. the missing in ad coupons. She told me "I only use the coupons in the flyer if I am asked to do that." I reminded her that I handed her the flyer before I went to my car and asked the cashier to void the transaction. She seemed confused as to why I wanted to do that. I explained the problem again and had to have the manager void the transaction and rebuy everything. It all worked out in the end. ♥

Friday, March 25, 2011

Only Tomorrow~ March 26, 2011 Sales, Sales, Sales...

Good Evening, Friends ♥

I am very, VERY late about posting this weeks sales and coupon match ups. I will blame it on my vacation. If that doesn't work for you, I shall beg your indulgence based on the painful throbbing of my disgusting, mottled, swollen ogre foot and ankle, which I injured in the pursuit of assisting my lovely in-laws while painting their new home. I would post a picture, but refrain for the sake of those faint of heart. ♥

So without further adieu, this week's match ups...


HP Multipurpose Paper 8.5×11 $5.99
Buy 1, Receive $4.99 Easy Rebate, Limit 2
$1.00/1 – ColorLok Technology HP Paper, Any Ream – (coupons.com) (zip 90210 p. 15)
Pay:  $4.99, Receive $4.99 Easy Rebate

K-Y Jelly, 2 0z $2.62
Use $3.00/1 -K-Y Brand Product - (smartsource.com) (zip 10305)
Or http://coupons2.smartsource.com/smartsource/
Free or .38 cent money maker


Trident Layers Single Pack $1.29
Use $1.00/2 – Trident Layers Gum (Target.com)
And use Buy One Get One Free Trident Gum Single Pack from 3/6 SS
Pay: .15 cents each

Visine, 2.8 oz (trial size) $1.99
Use $2.00/1 Visine Product, any – (coupons.com) (zip 60625/32025/73008 pg 9)

Rite Aid:

Listerine PocketPaks or Reach Total Care Toothbrush $2.99
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward
$2.00/2 – Reach Toothbrushes – (valuesforhealth.com)
$1.00/1 – Reach Toothbrush or Floss Product – (reachbrand.com)

$3.00/3 Listerine or Reach Items from SS 1/9
Pay: $1.99, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward

L'oreal hair care or color get $5 +up wyb $15:
Vive pro shampoo, conditioner, stylers, or kids shampoo 2/$5.00
Use six (6) $1/1 insert coupon
Buy 6, Pay $9.00, Receive $5.00 +Up Reward
Final Price .67 cents each

Blink Tears 15 ml $7.99
Buy 1, Pay $7.99, Receive one (1) Single Check Rebate (scr #12 limit 1 3/20-3/26)
Final Price= FREE

Royal Gelatin or Instant Pudding 4/$1.00
Final Price= .25 cents each

Scott Toilet Tissue 12 pack $7.49 (=.62 cents/roll)
$10 RR when you spend $40.00
Use 1 (one) $2/1 online coupon Scott.com (=.46 cents/roll)
Try this:
Buy 6, Use 6 (six) $2/1 online coupon Scott.com Pay $32.94, Earn $10 RR
Final Price=.32 cents/roll or $3.82 per 12 pack


Hunt’s Tomato Sauce 8oz 3/$1
Use: in ad coupon, limit 3

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese 7.25oz .69 cents
Use: in ad coupon, limit 3

Comet Cleanser 14 oz 2/$1
Use: in ad coupon, limit 4

Home Center Latex Gloves 2/$1
Use: in ad coupon, limit 4

Garnier Fructis Hair Products $5 RR when you buy 2
Use two (2) $1/1 coupons
Final Price: as low as 2/$.98 cents

Method Hand Soap $2.99
Use $1/1 Sunday coupon insert
Receive $2 RR
Final Price= Free

Neuragen PN Nerve Pain Relief 17oz, $19.99
Pay $19.99, use one SCR $19.99
Final Price= Free

Plackers Flossers 90ct, $2
Pay $2, Receive $2 RR= Free

Celadrin InflameAway Joint Health 60ct, $10
Pay $10, Receive $10 RR= Free

Coupon/Sale Match Ups: Walgreens, Tozier's Market, CVS

Hi Friends ♥
After a very refreshing week away with my handsome husband, Sean, visiting his family in North Carolina, I am back in the swing of things. I had been hoping to have some time to post while away, but there is just never enough time, is there??? Here are the match ups for next week's sales, beginning Sunday, March 27 through April 2, 2011. Happy Savings!


Colgate Total Advanced or Gum Defense Toothpaste, 4 oz $3.00
Buy 2, Receive $4.00 Register Reward, Limit 1
Pay:  $4.00, Receive $4.00 Register Reward
Final Price:  Free

Edge Shave Cream or Gel, 6 or 7 oz $2.00
Buy 2, Receive $2.00 Register Reward, Limit 1
Use (2) two $0.55/1 Edge Shave Gel, SS 3/20 insert
Pay:  $2.90, Receive $2.00 RR
Final Price:  $0.45 each
Final Price:

Butterball Chicken Broth, 14.5oz sale 2/$1.00

Dove Products, 4/$15, earn $5 RR= 4/$10
Use (4) four
Final Price:

Garnier Products, 4/$14, earn $4 RR= 4/$10
Use: (4) four $1/1 Sunday insert coupons
Final Price: $1.50 each

Speedstick or Lady Speedstick Deodorant, Sale $1.99
Use (1) $1/1 Sunday insert coupon
Pay .99 cents, Receive $1 RR
Final Price: FREE


Mars single egg, 1 oz $0.50
$1.00/2 Mars Easter Product from RP 3/20
Final Price: FREE

GUM soft picks, 15 ct. $1.51 Buy 1 Get 1 Free
$0.55/1 – GUM Go-Between Proxabrush Cleansers or Soft Picks – (betweentheethcleaning.com)
Final Price: $0.21 each when you buy 2

Skintimate moisturizing cream shave or gel, 6-10 oz $3.49
Buy 1, Receive $2.50 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
$0.55/1 Skintimate Shave Gel from SS 3/27
Pay $2.94, Receive $2.50 Extra Bucks
Final Price
: $0.44

Colgate manual single toothbrush, $2.99
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 2
Use $1.00/1 Colgate Manual Toothbrush from SS 3/27
Pay $1.99, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $0.01 Moneymaker

Halls Cough drops, 30 ct. $1.87
Buy 1, Receive $1.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 2
$0.75/1 Halls Cough Drops from SS 3/27
Pay $1.53, Receive $1.00 Extra Buck
Final Price: $0.12

Physicians Formula Cosmetics, prices starting at $5.99
Buy 1, Receive $7.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
$1.00/1 Physicians Formula product from SS 2/27
Pay $4.99, Receive $7.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $2.01 Moneymaker

Tozier’s Market

10 for 10 Sale Items Mix and Match

Starkist Solid White Tuna 5oz can
Hunt’s Manwich Sauce 15.5oz can
Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles 12-16oz pkg
Wishbone Salad Dressing 8oz bottle
Palmolive Dish Liquid 10oz bottle
Airwick Air Fresheners 8oz can
Hershey’s Milkshake or Chocolate Milk 12 oz bottle
Fancy Feast Cat Treats 2oz. bag
Bar S Jumbo Meat or Turkey Franks 16oz pack
Bar S Sliced Bologna or Cotto Salami 12 oz pack

Did you friends find any coupon/sale match ups???
♥ Sonja ♥

Monday, March 14, 2011

HarisTeeter Sales March 9, 2011 - March 16, 2011

For all my friends in NC. Enjoy!

Cottonelle (12 rolls) - $5.97
Sale price $6.49, Limit 2 @ e-VIC price   
   Use $0.50/1 Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue printable
    Use $0.50/1 Cottonelle Toilet Paper printable
Final: $4.97 each

Special K Cereal - $1.97
Sale price $2.49, Limit 2 @ e-VIC price
$3/5 Kellogg's Special K Product printable
$1/2 Select Special K Cereals Printable
     Use $1/2 Kellogg's Cereals, exp. 4-17-11 (RP 03/06/11)
     Use $1/3 Kellogg’s Cereal, exp. 3-27-11 (RP 2/13/11)
Final Price: Varies

HT Gallon Milk (excludes organic) - $2.89
Sale price $3.49, Limit 2 @ e-VIC price

Tropicana or Trop50 - $1.97
Sale price $2.50, Limit 2 @ e-VIC price
     Use: $1/2 Tropicana Pure Premium Product,
     (RP 03/06/11)
Final: 2/$2.94

Strawberries – B1G1

Starkist Solid White Albacore Tuna (5 oz) – $1.00
     Use: $0.75/2 Starkist Product, (RP 03/06/11)
     Use: $1.50/3 Starkist Product, (RP 03/06/11)
Final: 2/$0.50

Kellogg’s Poptarts – $1.67
     Use: $1/2 Pop-Tarts Mini Crisps, (RP 02/06/11)
     Use: $1/3 Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, (RP 03/06/11)
Final: 2/$2.34

My Walgreens Shopping Adventure 3/13/11

I think it is because the staff in Belfast and the staff on Oak St in Bangor are both AMAZINGLY knowledgable, friendly, and SOOO easy to work with; I am really enjoying shopping at Walgreens lately. I still don't like the limits on not using RRs to buy the same item and I never will, but since I CAN buy things in multiple transactions, it no longer is the issue it once was for me. My shopping trip today took only 5 transactions because most of the items I purchased, were just on sale without my needing to consider RRs. I think I am starting to ♥ Walgreens.
Total Retail $108.31. I spent $24.15. A Savings of 77%
 Transaction 1:
2 Right Guard Body Wash 4.99 B1G1 Free
    Used (1) B1G1 Free coupon from 3/12 RP insert
1 Purex Complete Crystals $4.99
    Used $2/1 coupon 3/12 RP insert, earned 2RR
1 Pure Protein Bar, .99 cents
    Used $1/1 internet coupon
Total Retail before coupons with tax $18.51
Total Out of Pocket $3.53, earned $2 RR

Transaction 2:
2 Right Guard Deodorant 4.49 B1G1 Free
    Used (1) B1G1 Free coupon from 3/12 RP insert
1 Purex Complete Crystals $4.99
    Used $2/1 coupon 3/12 RP insert, earned 2RR
1 Pure Protein Bar, .99 cents
    Used $1/1 internet coupon
Total Retail before coupons with tax $17.49
Total Out of Pocket $3.51, earned $2 RR

Transaction 3:
2 Right Guard Deodorant 4.49 B1G1 Free
    Used (1) B1G1 Free coupon from 3/12 RP insert
1 Purex Complete Crystals $4.99
    Used $2/1 coupon 3/12 RP insert, earned 2RR
Total Retail before coupons with tax $15.45
Total Out of Pocket $3.47, earned $2 RR

Transaction 4:
2 Right Guard Body Wash 4.99 B1G1 Free
    Used (1) B1G1 Free coupon from 3/12 RP insert
6 Renuzit Air Fresheners .79 in ad coupon
    Used (1) B3G3 Free coupon from 3/12 SS insert
1 Black Pepper .59 clearance
4 TUF Towels 2/$1 in ad coupon
4 Arizona Green Tea 2/$1 in ad coupon
2 Lay's Potato Chips $2.49 ea
     Used (1) $1/2 coupon 3/12 SS insert
3 Walgreen's 20 oz cola .39 in ad coupon
10 Royal Gelatin, 5/$1 in ad coupon
Total Retail before coupons with tax $46.04
      Used (3) $2 RR from Purex Crystals
Total Out of Pocket $7.91

Transaction 5:
4 TUF Towels 2/$1 in ad coupon
4 Arizona Green Tea 2/$1 in ad coupon
3 Walgreen's 20 oz cola .39 in ad coupon
Total Retail before coupons with tax $10.85
Total Out of Pocket $5.73

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rite Aid Match Ups 3/13/11 to 3/19/11

Bumble Bee Tuna in water Sale 2/$3
Earn $1 RR each= 2/$1
Earn additional $5 RR WYB $15
Buy 10 cans, spend $15, earn $15 RR= 10 cans FREE
*To spend less out of pocket, you can use multiple purchases to reach the $15 level*

Arrid and Arm & Hammer Deodorants, sale .79

Motrin PM, sale $3
Use $2/1 coupon from Sunday inserts or
Catalina print last week
Earn $1 RR= FREE

There has been some “buzz” on the national blogs about Rite Aid limiting the RRs to 1RR per item per Customer. If this is the case, the tuna above will NOT be a good deal, and the 60 cans I personally ordered, will not be purchased by me. It is inconclusive at this point. My suggestion is to talk with your local Rite Aid manager about the situation. I have a meeting with mine on Tuesday morning in Bucksport. When I know how we will be affected here in Maine, I will post an update.

Walgreens Sales 3/13/11 to 3/19/11

Right Guard Deodorant, Sale $4.49
On sale Buy One, Get One Free= 2/$4.49
Use coupon B1G1 Free 3/12 RP insert = 2/FREE

Right Guard Body Wash, Sale $4.99
On sale Buy One, Get One Free= 2/$4.99
Use coupon B1G1 Free 3/12 RP insert = 2/FREE

Irish Spring Deodorant, Sale 2/$6
Earn $4 RR= 2/$2
Use (2) .50/1 in 3/12 SS= 2/$1
Or enter free drawing which will prompt you to print
a $1/1 coupon here:

Purex Complete Crystals, Sale 4.99
Earn $2 RR= $2.99
Use coupon $2/1 in 3/12 RP= .99 cents

Royal Gelatin, Sale 5/$1
Use in ad coupon, limit 10

Oil of Olay Body Wash/Lotions, sale 3/$12
Earn $3 RR= 3/$9
Use (3) $1/1 Oil of Olay product 2/27 PG insert
= $2 each WYB 3

Venus Pro Skin Razors, sale $7.99
Earn $4 RR= $3.99
Use $5/1 coupon from PG 2/27 insert
=$1.01 Money Maker

TUF Paper Towel, sale 2/$1
Use in ad coupon, limit 4

BIG Roll Toilet Paper, sale 2/$1
Use in ad coupon, limit 4

Arizona Teas, sale $2/1
Use in ad coupon, limit 4

Walgreens Brand Assorted 20 oz sodas,
Sale .39 cents
Use in ad coupon, limit 3
*This is not listed in the online flyer, but I used it today and it was in our regional flyer. Our family thinks the orange flavor and grape flavors taste as good as either Coke or Pepsi versions.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hi Friends ♥
 In my mailbox this week, I received a sample of Stevia Cane, Maybelline Fit Me foundation, Covergirl Nature Luxe foundations, Cheese its, Head & Shoulders Shampoo, Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner, Prilosec OTC, Metholatum OXY clincal acne treatment, and Vasoline Intensive Care lotion. Most of the products came with money saving coupons, too. Most of the items are a single use deal, and you might ask, "what can I really do with that?" I give some of them to my teen-aged girls to play with. But, other samples get stuck into my emergency backpack, which I keep in my car.
 Here is a list of Freebies currently available and links to the appropriate sites. They don't usually last long, so sign up for the offers you want as soon as you can. And, if you know of any freebies, please share the information in the comment section below.
 Flexitol Heel/Foot Balm:
Just in time for spring sandal weather 
Click this link: Flexitol Heel/Foot Balm Sample
Lanacane Anti Chafing Gel
Click this link: Lanacane Anti~Chafing Sample
Sign up for Chili's email club and receive a free
Chili's Skillet Chips & Queso
Click this link: Skillet Chips & Queso

Walmart Samples:
These change all the time, so check often.
Click this link: walmart samples
Proctor & Gamble Sampler:
These change each quarter.
Click this link: P&G Sampler Pack

Friday, March 11, 2011

New Contest!

Hi Friends,
I am sponsoring a drawing beginning on March 15th for the prize package shown below:
Retail Value: More than $75.00, the Prize Includes:
(1) Gillette Venus Pro Skin Moisturizing Razor (3ct)
(1) Dove Cool Moisture Shampoo (12 oz)
(1) Dove Cool Moisture Conditioner (12 oz)
(1) Dove VisibleCare Softening Body Wash (10.1 oz)
(1) Degree Deodorant Invisible Solid (2.6oz)
(1) Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste (4 oz)
(1) Colgate 360 Toothbrush (medium full)
(1) Veripur Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer (3 oz)
(1) Motrin PM (20 ct)
(1) Motrin (24 ct)
(1) Maalox Advanced Maximum Strength (90 ct)
(1) Coldcalm Homeopathic Medicine (60 tabs)
(1) Children’s Coldcalm (160 pellets)
(1) Ricola Cough Drops (19 ct)
(1) Facial Tissues (65 ct)
(4) Single Ply Bathroom Tissue Rolls (1000 sheets)
(1) Always Maxi Leak Guard PLUS (20 ct)
(1) Ajax with Bleach Powder Cleanser (14 oz)
(1) Purex Complete 3-in-1 Laundry Soap (20 loads)
(1) Bowl Fresh Toilet Bowl Cleaner (4 weeks)
Check out the contest page to the right for all the details! ♥
And, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.
Sonja ♥