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Friday, March 4, 2011

Walgreen's Mega Shopping Trip Today

19 Motrin PM (20 ct)
10 Colgate Toothpastes
3 Baby Magic Lotions
3 Baby Magic Shampoo/Body Washes
16 single Bars of soap (necessary fillers)
3 Gillette Venus Pro Razors
2 Cover Girl Naturals Foundation
2 CG Naturals Lipstick
1 CG Pressed Powder
1 CG Concealer
1 Old Spice Deodorant
1 Old Spice Body Wash
4 Gallons Water
1 Clorox Beach

Total Retail Price- $269.12
Out of Pocket- $20.13
Register Rewards Earned- $15
      (plus $18 in Motrin coupons)
Total Net Cost $5.13,
      not considering the Catalina coupons

Over all, I was really pleased with my trip to Walgreen’s today. Since I had ordered what I wanted to purchase, in advance, I had no trouble buying exactly what I wanted to for my family. And, the ever friendly Assistant Manager helped me perform 32 separate transactions.
That’s right.Thirty-Two… with a smile… and much patience. She even, pointed out ways to save more out of pocket money. (She discovered the soaps on clearance.)

I am happy with my adventure shopping, but as I reviewed my receipt, there was some room for improvement on my part.
For instance, I was trying to figure out the best way to use the Cover Girl buy one, get one ½ off sale, with a $1.00 manufacturer’s coupon, and a coupon for a FREE CG Natural lip stick (retail $7.49), when you buy a CG Natural foundation (retail $12.99). Complicated.

1st attempt:
CG foundation ($12.99 less $1/1 coupon),
CG lipstick ($7.49, Free w/coupon)
Concealer ($7.99, less $4.00 from 50% off sale)
Less $4.00 rr from Venus Razors= $11.99+ tax
2nd attempt:
CG foundation ($12.99 less $1/1 coupon),
CG lipstick ($7.49, Free w/coupon)
CG Powder ($5.99, less $3.00 from 50% off sale)
Less $4.00 rr from Venus Razors= $10.99+ tax

This was not the result I was looking for, either. It was good- nearly 1/2 off, but I was certain I could do better.

So, I stopped into Rite Aid on my way home from work, just to see if they had a better sale happening. I thought I had found it. Rite Aid had, what I thought was the same buy one, get one 50% off sale. Unfortunately, it was only on face and eye products, so my purchases did not qualify- which I discovered after I paid at the register. I should have taken my own sage (and modest) advice and just returned the items and saved the coupons, but I like the cashiers and managers at that particular store so much, that I didn’t. That was a mistake.

3rd attempt:
CG foundation ($13.99 less $1/1 coupon)
CG lipstick ($7.49, Free w/coupon)
Price $12.99 + tax
A costly reminder of a rule I know full well: Do not purchase something for more than you were planning on spending. A return is not the worst offense in the world. For couponing to work and be useful to your family, you cannot buy things you don’t need for a price that is not best price you can get. I should have just returned the items, collected my coupons and walked away, knowing that I had already purchased these things for $3 less earlier in the day, and gotten more! Lesson learned.

But, I am determined, if nothing else. I knew Walgreens had the sale I was looking for. I just had to figure out the best way to use it. So, when I picked up my daughter from work, I revisited my Belfast Walgreens store.

4th attempt:
CG foundation ($12.99 less $1/1 coupon),
CG lipstick ($7.49, Free w/coupon)
Clearance bar of Soap (.37 cents- filler)
Less $3.75 from 50% off sale)
Less $3.00 rr from Baby Magic= $5.63+ tax
 Cha Ching!!! This was the sale I was looking for! I have one more set of coupons and may repeat this transaction once again. I realize, I have already bought 4 foundations, 4 lipsticks, 1 concealer, & 1 powder, but there is a difference between buying unneeded items and stocking up on items you will use when they are at their lowest price. There are 3 girlies in my home who will use this. I will pay $5.63 now, instead of $20.48 later and save my husband's wallet 75%.

Sonja ♥

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