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Thursday, September 29, 2011

FREE M&M's at Swan Lake Grocery

Swan Lake Grocery has M&Ms on sale for
2/$1.00. Use (2) $1.50/3 M&Ms from Sunday Insert to get Six Bags for FREE!

Yummy Little Freebie!

Sonja ♥

Oops! I reviewed my coupon just as I was at the checkout to discover that the offer was for $1.25/3. Final Cost for 6 bags of M&Ms .50¢ for all. Still, not a bad deal, but not free. Sorry.

Shaw's Today

$57.44 Retail Cost. Out of Pocket Expense $23.26

Today's Purchases:
3 bags Shaw's Brand Croutons
10 boxes Totino's Pizza Rolls
1 Single Serving of Tilapia
1 Single Serving of Salmon
(2) 3 lb packs of Chicken Breast
(1) 4 pack Bathroom tissue
6 Oscar Meyer Lunchables

My eldest daughter would live on Totino's Pizza Rolls if I allowed it. My younger two daughters favor Oscar Meyer's lunchables. I think that, as with everything else, balance in all things is recommended. They make a very handy afterschool treat, so I stick some in the freezer when I find them at a good price.

When I saw Totino's Pizza Rolls and Oscar Meyer Lunchables on sale as part of the 10/$10 sale, I had to stop in to stock up on some.

I used (2) $1/2 online coupons printed here and (3) $1/2 coupons from the Sunday paper insert. 10/10 is a good price. 10/$5 is even better AND, I earned an additional 10 box tops for education catalina to donate to the girl's Middle School PTG. Combined with the 10 box tops printed on the boxes, that is an additional $2 donation.

I also purchased (2) 3lb packages of Split Chicken Breast. At $6 for 3 lbs, this would not be a great bargain. But, Shaw's had a Buy One, Get One Sale on these, which made them 6 lbs for $6.

I bought 2 different single serving sizes of fish; one Tilapia and one Salmon. The girls and I do not care for fish, but my husband does. So, sometimes, I make a dinner and substitute fish for him when the rest of us eat pork chops, steak, or chicken. These single servings were perfect with that intention in mind. The best part? They were only $1 each. I would have purchased more of them, but it goes against my policy of buying unnecessary things without coupons to match with the sales. The sale price was good, but this was not something I needed to have, therefore, I chose to limit how many I bought.

Lastly, you may have noticed the lonely single package of toilet tissue. After nearly 9 months, I am sad to say that my back stock of FREE toilet tissue is gone. Read about that shopping trip HERE. But, it was good while it lasted. I will continue watching for another FREE deal on this. So far, none have been found. *Sigh*

Remember to check in to the Shaw's page on Facebook HERE for exclusive coupons to match with tomorrow's sale. Our local Shaw's will double up to (4) $1.00 off coupons tomorrow, in addition to their regular doubling policy.
Sonja ♥

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Old Spice, New Spice, Delicious Spice...


Old Spice Bodywash $4.49

Old Spice Deodorant $4.99

Use (1) Buy One Bodywash, Get One Deodorant Free Coupon from PG insert

Use (1) $1/2 Any Old Spice Products from PG insert

Match with Walgreen’s sale Buy One, Get One 50% Off

Final Cost: $1.25 for both or .63¢ each

I also took advantage of the sale on spices for .59¢ each.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Coupons and Delicious Recipes from Pillsbury

I was very pleasantly surprised to find Pillsbury’s “Spring Get Togethers” Brochure in my email this morning. Spring is half a year away here in Maine, but that did not prohibit me from flipping through it. In just a few minutes, I found a great chart for planning how much food to prepare to serve small gatherings of friends or larger parties on page 3. And, I can’t wait to make the Mini Pizza Pinwheels & Cucumber Dill Stuffed Tomatoes. Yummy!!!

You can get yours here.

Don’t forget to visit Pillsbury.com and sign up for their online coupon offers, too! Sign up here. You can use some of these this week to enjoy huge savings on some “snackies” for the whole family. Like these:
$.50/1 Trix cereal (makes these $1/box at Shaw’s)
$1/2 Bugles (makes these 2/$1 at Walgreens)
$1/2 Chex Mix (makes these 2/$1 at Walgreens)


Thursday, September 15, 2011

On the bright side... pickles ♥

One of the unexpected "bright sides" of still having to drive my son and daughter to their jobs is that I am able to swing by the community center to glean some fruits and veggies a couple of times each week. These must be eaten and/or preserved immediately or else the goats and hens find me extra generous with their treats.

Originally, I had planned on buying a couple dozen canning jars to put up some of the veggies from our garden. But, my sister was given about six dozen jars, which she did not need, so she kindly passed them on to me. Free is the best "coupon" of all! My plan is to "put up" salsa, marinara, apple pie filling, and dilly beans. I am also going to freeze some apple cidar to enjoy through the winter months.
I was hoping to find more green beans today. The batch of dilly beans I made last week did not come out so well. Upon closer investigation, I strongly suspect I forgot to add the canning salt to the first batch so currently, my 10 year old is the only one willing to eat them. Having tried them myself, she is more than welcome to them!

I did not find green beans, but I did get enough pickling cucumbers to make 7 quarts of dill pickles. I decided to use my Grandfather's recipe for the beans, slightly modified to accommodate using cukes. My husband and I prepared them together. I tasted one slice from the first jar before sealing them; it was absolutely delicious. If they are as yummy completely processed, I will share my recipe with you all.

I like the feeling of putting up foods in the basement cupboard. I like how they look; all in delicious rows, just waiting to be opened and enjoyed. I like the thought of following time honored traditions of preserving foods to care for my family. I like smell of dill and of apples in the house. ♥

Once again, I froze all of the breads for a later use- except the blueberry bagels my husband will be eating for breakfast tomorrow and possibly Saturday. I am planning on adding the green peppers and tomatos to those I grew in my garden this year as the main ingredients of some homemade spicy salsa. Can't wait!

♥ Sonja

Rite Aid Sept 15: I earned a profit of .33 cents buying $20.45 in merchandise.

I visited Rite Aid today and was pleasantly surprised to still find all of the items I wanted to purchase in stock. Understandably, when you shop a sale midweek, without the benefit of ordering stock in advance, you have to expect that sometimes, items you want will be sold out. This was one positive aspect of my trip. I got everything I came for.

The second positive thing about today's trip was that I earned $ .33 cents profit purchasing my items. The Bayer Advanced 20 ct was on sale for $2.99 with a $1rr (limit 2). I used (3) $2/1 manufacturer coupon on the Bayer Advanced from last Sunday's paper. And, I used (1) $1/1 adperk coupon for Bayer Advanced, which I printed here. This made the purchase of two of the Bayer aspirins free and the third Bayer was a $1 money maker.

The Febreze Noticeables were also free. The sale price is 2/$5 and I used (2) $3/1 coupons from the PG insert. I wish I could say that I was pleased about everthing in my experience today. Which brings me to the down side of today's shopping…

I wonder how difficult it would be to add a more comprehensive coupon handling unit to Rite Aid's employee training/orientation. It is invariable that when I want to use a coupon with a greater value than the sale item's purchase price, it is ALWAYS a hassle. When this is going to happen (like today; my coupons would have totalled $6 and the Febreze items would have only cost me $5), I bring to the clerk's attention that they are going to need to modify the coupon amount to the sale price of the item. This is necessary because some clerks will simply scan in the full value of the coupon and thus, give me more "credit" than I should have. To sit by and allow this to happen is akin to stealing to me. So, I choose not to do it and damage my Christian conscience. Today's response of, "We can't use a coupon valued at more than the cost of the item!" was typical. I gently explained all that needed to happen was to modify the value of the coupon. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? One kind assistant manager could not figure out how to do this. It took a second assistant manager to explain the practice of modifying the coupon amount and completing the transaction. It all worked out, but really, it seems that some additional training is necessary! It would be better for other Customers who have to wait in line while manager after manager are called to remedy problems. It would be better for the Customer who is attempting to use the coupons offered by the manufacturer and/or retail stores.

I wonder if anything can be done to assist in the training of employees other than our continuing to do so, one transaction at a time.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sept 14, Walgreens: $49.44 in products for only $12.12.

My future son-in-law loves Axe. And, my daughter encourages this behavior. These two facts being undisputed, when I get a good deal on Axe, I stock up. I think I may have enough to bathe the male inhabitants of a small city at this point. I refrain from so doing only due to the commercials regarding what bathing the male population with Axe would do to the female portion of our population. I am happily immune to these effects, but since it doesn't expire, I continue to regularly invest in its purchase.  Perhaps, I should consider buying stocks in Unilever?

I was so happy today at Walgreens to be able to buy four more bottles of Axe Bodywash. They are regularly priced at $5.79, but currently enjoy a buy one, get one 50% off sale. I used my final two buy one, get one free coupons. The result? I purchased four bottles for a total of $1.45 each. Put another way, I bought four bottles for the price of one! Love that! ♥

The shelves for Barbasol's Pure Silk Shaving Creme was completely bare when I got there. I was disappointed, but figured I would simply ask for a raincheck. The manager on duty was so kind! He took my coupons to match up with what I was looking for, went out back, and found me some! I really appreciated his commitment to Customer Service. More and more the Belfast Walgreens is becoming one of my favorite places to shop! ♥
As a side note: the Raspberry flavored Pure Silk Shaving Cream smells delicious! (Though, I would not recommend its ingestion.) Walgreens had these on sale for .99 cents each with an in ad coupon. I gladly combined this with four .80/1 coupon in a recent newspaper insert. Final cost: .19 cents each!

Ok, so I will confess that I did not actually, in the strictest sense, NEED 12 candy bars, but since the Skittles were free- I printed two $1/2 coupons from Target.com here and combined those with the in ad price of 2/$1- I didn't feel guilty about paying .50 cents each for the eight other candy bars. Also, sometimes, I just want something choc-o-latty and deliciously unhealthy and I don't want to have to drive miles  to the store to satisfy my chocolate fix . This is rural Maine, folks. I consider it an act of saving gasoline. I am buying my chocolate fix in advance as part of my commitment to conserving our planet's resources. Conservation, I say.  And, since I am being all noble and thoughtful to this beautful and unique planet we call home, I believe that I deserve the eating of one of said chocolate bars before my children and husband discover their existence and beat me to it. ♥

♥ Sonja

Shaw's awesome Buy 1, Get 1 Sale Sept 11-17

I am really loving Shaw's sales lately. It is my opinion that Shaw's regular prices cost more than Target or Walmart's prices. However, when you can double your coupons values and use them on a buy one, get one sale, you can really save money. Thus, went this week's shopping trip.


I bought: 6 bags Quaker Rice Snacks, 4 Large Bags Bugles, 4 Bags Chex Mix, 2 Funfetti Frostings, 3 Boxes of Trix, 5 Boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 3 Boxes Cookie Crisp, 4 Boxes Prince Pasta

Total Retail Cost: $84.49
Actual Out of Pocket Cost: $31.25
Cereal Deal:
Shaw's has various GM cereals on sale for 2/$4. Use (2) .50/1 Trix online coupons
 Use this link  Each of the coupons doubles to $1, which makes the cost 2/$2 or $1 each.

Or buy (6) boxes of GM cereals on sale for 2/$4. Use (2) $1/3 GM cereals online coupons
Use this link and zip code 28542 These coupons do not double, but the cost is still only $1.67 each box.

What I did: Purchased 11 boxes of cereal. I used a catalina coupon for $2/5 and (2) $1/3 printable coupons. My cost for this transaction was $1.62 per box and I earned another $2/5 Catalina coupon.

Quaker Rice Snacks Deal:
Shaw's has these on sale as part of their buy one, get one sale. The regular cost is $2.19/bag. There was a peelie on each bag for $1/3. I bought 6 bags (I used 2 of the peelies and will use the other 4 at a later date). $2.19 x 3= $6.57 less (2) $1/1 coupons= $4.57 / 6 bags= .76 cents each bag.

Chex Mix Deal:
These are also part of the buy 1, get 1 sale. The regular price is $2.69/bag. I bought (4) bags and used (3) .50/1 coupons sign up for Pillsbury.com and print here. These coupons double. $2.69 x 2= $5.38. Less $3 (because of the doubling)= $2.38 / 4 bags= .60 cents each bag.

Bugles Deal:
Again, these are part of the buy 1, get 1 sale. The regular price is 2.79/bag. I bought (4) bags and used (3) .50/1 coupons Use this link Each of these coupons doubles to $1 each. $2.79 x 2= $5.58. Less $3 (due to doubling)= $2.58 /4 bags= $65 cents/bag.

Prince Macaronis are on sale for .88 cents each. I did not have a coupon for these.
Funfetti Frosting is on sale for 2/$3.00. I used (2) .40/1 peelies (these do not double)= $1.10 each

All told, 63% Savings.

Sonja ♥

Thursday, September 8, 2011

$43.40 in merchandise for $6.39 at Rite Aid and Walgreens.

Retail amount $20.89. Out of Pocket $3.97
I have said it before, but it really saves to pay close attention to the sale you are planning on using. I thought I had done my homework. I printed the needed coupons, clipped others, decided the order of my transactions and planned every aspect of my trip. I thought I was ready, but I did not look at the sales flyer closely enough. In the end, technically, I did get the Scope for free, (plus tax) but, since I did not get the $3 rr that I was expecting at the end of my transaction, the purchase cost me more than it should have. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to look at the flyer closely. Both the scope and the crest were listed under the same deal and there was a 1 limit per on them, so even though I bought only one of each item, I only got one $3rr, not two as I was expecting.

Transaction 1:
I bought (2) Excedrin Migraines on sale for $2.50 with a buy 2, receive 1 rr. I used (2) $1/1 coupons printed from excedrin.com. Combined with the sale, this transaction cost me $2.25 out of pocket and I received $1rr.

Transaction 2:
I bought (1) Crest toothpast on sale for $3.99 with a $3rr. I used (1) $1/1 coupon from PG. I used the RR from the 1st transaction. Combined with the sale, this transaction cost me $1.99+ tax and I earned $3rr.

Transaction 3:
I bought (1) Scope mouthwash on sale $3.99 with a $3rr. I used (1) $1/1 coupon from PG. I used the $3rr from the 2nd transaction. Combined with the sale, this transaction cost me $.51.

I appreciate my husband, Sean's kindly words of solace as I bemoaned my mistake. "Look at it this way, every time we do it wrong, we learn. And, that is one mistake we won't make again." I appreciate it, but I can confide honestly that I grow tired of this type of learning.

I did much, much better at Walgreens. 

Regular Retail $22.51. Out of Pocket $6.42, Earned (2) $2rrs.
I started with a $5rr from purchasing M&Ms last week.

Transaction 1:
I bought (1) Mitchum Deodorant, (3) 8oz Cans Tomato Sauce, (1) 6 Roll Scott Paper Towel.
I used (1) $1/1 Mitchum Deodorant from smartsource.com, (1) $1/1 Scott Paper Towel from Walgreen's September Coupon book, (1) $1/1 Scott Paper Towel from insert.
I also used the $5rr I already had. Total out of pocket $1.14 and I earned a $2rr.

Transaction 2:
I bought (1) Mitchum Deodorant using (1) $1/1 Mitchum Deodorant from smartsource.com. I did not use the rr from transaction 1 because then under Walgreen's policy, a new rr would not print as I wanted it to. Total out of pocket $2.14 and I earned a $2rr.

Transaction 3:
I repeated Transaction 3. This gave me a total of (3) $2RRs.

Transaction 4:
I purchased (3) 8oz Cans Tomato Sauce, (1) 6 Roll Scott Paper Towel.
I used (1) $1/1 Scott Paper Towel from Walgreen's September Coupon book and combined it with like before with (1) $1/1 Scott Paper Towel from insert. I also used (1) $2rr from the Mitchum transactions. Total out of pocket $2.00.

Out of Pocket $6.42, less $4 rr = Net transaction of $2.42

I think I might go over tomorrow and get more towels. They are priced at $5.00; with (2) $1/1 coupons, the paper towel will cost .50 cents/roll.

What sales did you find this week?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shaw's Deals, Deals, Deals...

4 Bags Goldfish
2 Old El Paso Salsa
2 Lunchables
4 Wheat Thins Sticks
6 Wheat Thins
6 Frosted Flakes Cereal
1 Solo Cups
1 Solo Bowls
Total Retail $82.90
Total Out of Pocket $27.77 

Online Printable Coupons to Use:
Like Old El Paso on Facebook for $.50/1 (doubles) to make it $.69 cents each
Like Wheat Thins on Facebook for $1/1 to make these $1.10 each when you buy 10 boxes
(A friend "liked" and printed the 4 coupons, which we combined to make this deal $.70 cents each)
Print (2) Solo Products $.75/1 (doubles) to make it $1 when you buy 2

Insert Coupons:
$1/2 Kellogg's cereal, match with a 2/$4 Sale to make these $1.50 each

Shaw's Sales:
Buy One, Get One Goldfish

Buy 1 Edy's Ice Cream @ $5.49 and get 1 Edy's Ice Cream Free, AND get 2 A&W Rootbeers Free. That makes the Edy's Ice Cream $1.88 each, if you count the sodas at .99 cents each in this equation. Or, if you count the sodas as freebies, the ice cream becomes $2.75 each. I thought this was a geat deal and gladly took advantage of it! 
Keebler Fudge Granola Bars part of the 3/$6 sale. I used (3) .75/1 coupons (doubles) and got each box of 6 bars for .50 cents. This also triggered a Catalina coupon for $1/2 boxes.

Total Retail  $23.65
Out of Pocket $6.99

These sales are good through Thursday this week.
What sales have you found?

♥ Sonja