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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sept 14, Walgreens: $49.44 in products for only $12.12.

My future son-in-law loves Axe. And, my daughter encourages this behavior. These two facts being undisputed, when I get a good deal on Axe, I stock up. I think I may have enough to bathe the male inhabitants of a small city at this point. I refrain from so doing only due to the commercials regarding what bathing the male population with Axe would do to the female portion of our population. I am happily immune to these effects, but since it doesn't expire, I continue to regularly invest in its purchase.  Perhaps, I should consider buying stocks in Unilever?

I was so happy today at Walgreens to be able to buy four more bottles of Axe Bodywash. They are regularly priced at $5.79, but currently enjoy a buy one, get one 50% off sale. I used my final two buy one, get one free coupons. The result? I purchased four bottles for a total of $1.45 each. Put another way, I bought four bottles for the price of one! Love that! ♥

The shelves for Barbasol's Pure Silk Shaving Creme was completely bare when I got there. I was disappointed, but figured I would simply ask for a raincheck. The manager on duty was so kind! He took my coupons to match up with what I was looking for, went out back, and found me some! I really appreciated his commitment to Customer Service. More and more the Belfast Walgreens is becoming one of my favorite places to shop! ♥
As a side note: the Raspberry flavored Pure Silk Shaving Cream smells delicious! (Though, I would not recommend its ingestion.) Walgreens had these on sale for .99 cents each with an in ad coupon. I gladly combined this with four .80/1 coupon in a recent newspaper insert. Final cost: .19 cents each!

Ok, so I will confess that I did not actually, in the strictest sense, NEED 12 candy bars, but since the Skittles were free- I printed two $1/2 coupons from Target.com here and combined those with the in ad price of 2/$1- I didn't feel guilty about paying .50 cents each for the eight other candy bars. Also, sometimes, I just want something choc-o-latty and deliciously unhealthy and I don't want to have to drive miles  to the store to satisfy my chocolate fix . This is rural Maine, folks. I consider it an act of saving gasoline. I am buying my chocolate fix in advance as part of my commitment to conserving our planet's resources. Conservation, I say.  And, since I am being all noble and thoughtful to this beautful and unique planet we call home, I believe that I deserve the eating of one of said chocolate bars before my children and husband discover their existence and beat me to it. ♥

♥ Sonja

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