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Walgreens Tips

Walgreens is not one of my favorite places to shop. The fact is, they are fair and also offer RRs (Register Rewards) on certain items, but they are nowhere as liberal with their RR redeeming as Rite Aid. Good preparation and watching sale flyer peviews helps me to see what sales are coming up, so I can use my precious horde of coupons to their best advantage. I use iheartwags.com when planning trips to Walgreens.

Use this link:  http://www.iheartwags.com/

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when you shop at Walgreens~

1. If you use RRs to pay for the same item you earned RRs on, no new RRs will print.

Example: Pantene is on sale for 2/$5.00 with 2 RRs back.

Option A:
Transaction 1: Buy 4 Pantene Shampoos, pay $10.50 in cash, and receive 2 RRs.
Net Cost: $2.12 per bottle

Because of this policy, only one pair of shampoos will be “on sale”. I learned this the hard way and had to return 6 bottles of Dove Shampoo/Conditioners, which I then, had to repurchase individually to get the sale price, as in option C below.

Option B:
Transaction 1: Buy 2 Pantene Shampoos, pay $5.25 in cash, and receive 2RR
Transaction 2: Buy 2 Pantene Shampoos, pay $3.25 in cash & 2 RRs, and receive nothing
Net Cost: $2.12 per bottle

In this scenario, you do spend marginally less out of pocket, $8.50 for 4 bottles, but still, not a great value in my opinion.

Option C:
Transaction 1: Buy 2 Pantene Shampoos, pay $5.25 in cash, and receive 2RR
Transaction 2: Buy 2 Pantene Shampoos, pay $5.25 in cash, and receive 2RR
Net Cost: $1.62 per bottle

In this scenario, you would pay $10.50 out of pocket and have $4 RRs to spend another day.  To be able to benefit from the sale price, you will need to make as many separate transactions as you need to in order to purchase the total amount you want of the product. You can use the RRs towards another type of product and earn more RRs, just not the same item. This can get costly out of pocket if you don’t have RRs to spend from other products and can be tricky to keep track of what you earned your RRs on, but in the end, you will get the sale price on each item.

Again, completely fair, but just more of a hassle than I am usually willing to put up with- even for a great sale.

2. RRs count as Manufacturers Coupons.

This small detail is quite important to understand. What this means is this, if you are planning on using coupons on the items you are purchasing, you must have as many items to purchase as you have Manufacturer’s Coupons.

An example: I want to purchase 2 bags of Chex Mix on sale for 2/$3.00. I have one .50/1 Manufacturer’s coupon for each bag. And, I want to pay the difference with a $2.00 RR. This may cause me a problem at the register. Walgreen’s computer is set up to reject this sale because I am using 3 manufacturer’s coupons to purchase 2 items. I have found 2 solutions to this annoying problem.

Option A: I purchase a lollipop or some other negligible “filler”, so I can use the RR. (You are looking for something that costs a few cents.) It will cost me some out of pocket, but less than if I were to buy the item without the coupons.

Option B: Use the RR first and then hand the manufacturer's coupons to the clerk.Use store coupons last. I don’t know why this works, but many times, it does. It is worth a try and I am conscious of the order of my coupons when it is time to pay because of this little “loop hole”.

But, be prepared to grab that lollipop... just in case.