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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Feedback Desired

I am wondering if you are aware of the FREE giveaway I am sponsoring going on now and terminating on April 15th? I appreciate the folks who have taken advantage of entering the drawing. But, I got to thinking... I have had 653 "hits" on the blog in the past month, but only 13 people entered the drawing. So, I can only reason that maybe the other peoples don't know about it? Follow This Link For Contest Details Or, they are unsure about how to enter the contest? Follow This Link To "Follow Blog" and Automatically Enter Contest Or, is it that the prize is less than enticing?  Or, that they are just not interested in participating? (I don't have a link to post for the latter two options.)

So, I open this up to the world of blogging... Any ideas about what is going on? I await your feedback and ideas. You are cordially invited to comment below.

♥ Sonja


  1. A couple things to keep in mind...

    frugal niches are sooo many and people are looking for new and fresh info, so if you are posting what might be found on other sites they already visit there might not be an allure to follow yours.

    Now I ask you this...what is your aim with your giveaway? That may help you draw people in by "advertising" that.

    Also keep in mind if you are looking at the stats on blogger...
    1. they may be also counting yours, you need to set that up differently if you want to only see true traffic(also may want a secondary site tracking like sitemeter, which gives a more accurate overview)

    2. each time anyone comes to your site... weather we have been here or not will count as a visit, so though you had traffic of 653 it may be the combo of all of us hitting it.

    I have been blogging for about 7 years, know a little about the ins and outs. Call and come on over and we can chat if you want. Happy to share what I have learned.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Trish. I will take you up on your offer. ♥