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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Trial Walgreen's Trip (before my BIG trip on Thursday)

After work today, I decided to try my hand on a pre-sale run to Walgreens just to see if my plan will work before I attempt it in a larger scale on Thursday. When you are planning to spend nearly no money out of pocket, and are, in fact, planning on walking out of the store with nearly $40 in profit, it pays to be cautious and make sure everything is in order. It is easier on you and the cashier if you have your buying plan worked out and well organized, in advance.
 My 1st transaction was two bottles of Motrin PM, on sale for $3.00 each.
I used one $6/2 coupon. Total due .30 cents.
I received $3 RR

My 2nd transaction was one bottle of Baby Magic lotion, on sale for $3.00 each.
I used the $3 RR from the Motrin PM. Total due .15 cents.
I received $3 RR
My 3rd transaction was one Colgate toothpaste, on sale for $3.00 each. Since I was planning on using a $1/1 coupon (which would bring the balance due to $1.99 and I need it to be $3 before tax) I needed some filler items to total as close to $1.01 as I could find. I added one gallon of water, on sale for .69 cents and one bottle of peroxide, on sale for .33 cents. I used the $3 RR from the Baby Magic. Total due .17 cents.
I repeated all the transactions a 2nd time, substituting Clorox bleach, on sale for 1.29 cents instead of the water and peroxide for my last transaction. I wanted to split the fillers up a little because, seriously, how much peroxide can one person use?
In the end, I purchased 2 Colgate Toothpastes, 4 Motrin PM, 2 Baby Magic products, 1 gallon Water, 1 bottle Peroxide, and 1 bottle of Clorox bleach. I spent $1.36 out of my pocket and I received two $3.00 RRs. Profit $4.64

Also, when I purchased the two Motrin PMs, it triggered a catalina coupon for $2/1 Motrin PM (15 count or more). So, even if you don't have the $6/2 coupon, this is a money maker. You need to buy at least two of the products on sale for $3 with the $3 reward for this to work. The scenario:

T1: Buy two Motrin, spend $6.30, get $2 coupon and $3 RR
T2: Buy Baby Magic, use $3 RR, spend .15 cents
T3: Buy Motrin, use $2/1 coupon & Colgate, use $1/1 coupon, spend .30, receive two $3 RRs.
Total out of pocket $6.75, earn $6 RRs = cost .75 (tax)

At this point, you can go back and forth as much as you want, just paying the tax. Just be sure not to pay for the product with its own RR or a new one will not print.

Happy shopping!


  1. Nice going...did a similar trip myself today. =)

  2. Excellent, Trish. What is better than FREE???