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Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Rite Aid Adventures: AXE Products... with an Update

So... My intention was to buy 3 Axe Bodywash, 1 Axe Detailer, 4 Axe Shampoos, & 4 AXE Deodorants and/or Body sprays for $1-$1.75 each. It did not work out that way. The plan was to make 3 transactions using the 2/$9 Sale and the additional $5RR wyb $15. Additionally, I had (2) B1G1 for the Bodywash and (8) $1/1 for the other products.

My 1st transaction went perfectly; I purchased the four items above using the (2) B1G1 coupons. The total came to $9.90 and a $5 RR printed, creating a net transaction of $4.50.

My 2nd transaction should have been 2 deodorants and 2 shampoos. I used (4) $1/1 coupons and the $5 RR, which brought my total to $9.90, again. But, no RR printed. So, I returned the items. $9.90 is a good price for 4 AXE products, but not a good as $4.90 for 4 items. I wanted the latter.

Thinking, that it might have been an issue of being a limit on the RRs (even though it wasn't listed in the flyer) I used my Mother's Wellness Card to repurchase the same items, but again, no $5 RR printed. Now, I was disappointed because it should have. I emailed Rite Aid with the problem and hope that it is remedied before the sale ends. I really did want to purchase the items and my coupons expire on April 2.

I will keep y'all posted. ♥

Update: I braved the snow (Mr. Weather, in case you did not get the memo... it IS April... and, even in Maine, 6-8 inches of fresh, wet snow is not appreciated or needed.) to go to my local Belfast Rite Aid to attempt to purchase the items I could not get last time I tried this.

I borrowed my Grandmother's and my Uncle's wellness cards, gathered the coupons I planned on using, and hoped the right scents would be in stock and that all the elements would work together. 

I purchased 3 AXE Body washes (chocolate scent, and citrus scrub, and 1 AXE Detailer. I used 2 Buy One, Get One coupons. The sale was still 2/$9 with a $5 RR wyb $15. My total came to $9.90 and I earned $5. RR. Net Transaction= $4.. So far, so good.

Sean made the next transaction. (Another sale caught my eye and I went to do some calculating.)
He bought 2 AXE Shampoos and 2 AXE Body Sprays in chocolate scent. He used four (4) $1/1 coupons. The total came to $14.50 with a $5 RR= net transaction $9.50. Total Net transaction $14 and I earned $10 RR to use at a later date.

I did not attempt to use the $5 RR that printed off my order immediately, which would have dropped Sean's total to $4.50 and earned another $5 RR. I have not heard back from corporate yet, but there have been rumors that Rite Aid is going to change the method of earning RR's to reflect a similiar system to Walgreens. That may be what happened when I attempted this same transaction in Bangor earlier. I don't know. So, I did spend slightly more than I would normally, but AXE for $1.75 each instead of the regular retail of $5.99 is a deal I can live with.

8 AXE products Regular Retail $47.92
Sale Price $36.00
With Coupons Out of Pocket $24.80
RRs Earned $10.00
Net Transaction $14.80
Total Savings $33.12 or 61%

If I hear back from corporate about the situation, I will let you know!

Sonja ♥

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  1. hmmm good to know about the Axe, Austin loves that stuff so I thought I would get him some, will follow your first example to be sure to get the RR.

    On another note, thanks for checking out my blog, just wanted to let you know I would love to meet up to walk, though we are not members of the Y, we are over at Bay Area Fitness. There are actually a number of us there. =)

    Talk soon!