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Friday, April 1, 2011

Coupons and Kitties

Our Pride of Cats just came back from our Vet's office. Sean and I had seven of them "altered" last week. Because of this, they have been rather low-key, sleeping lots and recovering from the shock, I am sure. Things around the house have been wonderfully quiet.

Just when I thought it was safe to move my coupon sorting operation to the kitchen table, rather than my usual sorting in my santuary (also known as my bedroom) my Orange male, Tazmanian decided to help me with my project.

I would like to say that I ruled the day and vanquished my feline, but that would be a lie. I chose to take the high road and retreated to my bedroom to sort my coupons in peace and quiet and without the assistance of Tasmanian, who was named thus for a reason.


  1. What a cutie!!
    I seriously need to get my family to help me gather extra coupons!!! UUUGGHH!!! ;)

  2. If you have any products that you need coupons for, I usually have extras and am more than willing to pass them along. Just let me know. I am sorry we couldn't hit the Hut with your family tonight, but maybe we could get together tomorrow?

  3. That would be great! We have tentative plans I am trying to check on, we will catch up with you after service.