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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hannafords My Essentials Catalina

With Hannaford's change in coupon policies, I honestly doubted my continued shopping there. I still look through the flyer that comes in the mail each week, because I don't want to miss a good sale, if one comes up- just in case. This week's flyer piqued my interest.

Hannaford's is offering catalinas based on purchasing their store brand, labeled "my essentials". For every four My Essential products you purchase, you earn a $1 catalina for use on your next order. You can earn up to a $10 catalina. As I mentioned, interesting. So, I looked at what was on sale that might make this deal worth my shopping at Hannaford's this week.

My Essentials canned vegetables are on sale for 2/$1. As are My Essentials chicken noodle and tomato soups. My Essentials refrigerated biscuits and yogurt are on sale for .45¢ each. You can mix and match My Essential items. Hmmmm....

The Scenerio:

Purchase 4 Biscuits= $1.80. Pay $1.80 cash and receive $1 Catalina back.
Purchase 4 Yogurts= $1.80. Pay .80¢ cash and $1 catalina, and receive $1 Catalina back.
Purchase 4 cans Vegetables= $2.00. Pay $1 cash and $1 Catalina, and receive $1 Catalina back.
Purchase 4 cans Soup= $2.00. Pay $1 cash and $1 Catalina and receive $1 Catalina back.

I like to use the catalinas to purchase low cost items that my family would use and that are on sale. Taking into consideration the catalinas earned, yogurt and biscuits on sale for .45¢ get marked down to merely .20¢. And, the price of canned vegetables and soup reduce from .50¢/can to .25¢/can.

You can do a total of 10 different transactions of four items (since the limit on this offer is $10). In the end, the net cost of the items are the same, but the amount you pay out of your pocket is significantly less. In this scenerio, purchasing all the items at once would cost $7.60 in cash and earn you a $4 catalina. This makes your net transaction $3.60. Using multiple transactions, the cost out of pocket would be reduced to $4.60 and you would still have $1 catalina to use another day for a net transaction of $3.60. I choose to use multiple transactions. It takes more time, but in the end, I spend nearly half as much cash from my wallet.

I have earned $3 in catalinas so far, but I plan to stop in when I go passed a Hannaford, again, this week. How about you?

Sonja ♥


  1. Yes, I love it when they do this. You can earn 10.00 in one transaction! It is so awesome. I bought things yesterday, forgetting about it, and I used the self-checkout...this is a no no with these catalinas because for some reason they do not print...mine did not and did not remember until I got home.

    I plan on stopping in today and talking to a CS manager. The last time this happened they actually gave me a 10.00 GC, it was only 6.00 I was out from the catalina not printing... definitely worth bringing it to their attention.

    Sonja...just curious, what coupon policy did they change that you will not shop there anymore?

  2. You can check out their NEW policy at http://www.hannaford.com/assets/hf/assets/pdf/cms/coupon/Hannaford_Coupon_Policy.pdf

    The changes that I hate are:
    1- NO STACKING COUPONS. One coupon, per item. Period.
    2- accept valid manufacturer's coupons up to a value of $5.
    3- Only accept Manufacturer or Store coupons for Free items, NO INTERNET coupons for free items, unless there is a B1G1.
    4-Finally, in a transaction where a B1G1 coupon is used, no other coupons can be applied to either item.

    These changes will severely limit the usefulness of coupons at Hannaford.

  3. Sorry, Trish. I commented this last night, but it didn't post...

    You can check out the new Hannaford's Policy here: http://www.hannaford.com/assets/hf/assets/pdf/cms/coupon/Hannaford_Coupon_Policy.pdf

    The changes I do not like are:
    1- No stacking. Period. You can use one Hannaford coupon or one manufacturer coupon, but not both. (bullet point #9)

    2. They now only accept Free item coupons from store or manufacturers, not online printed ones. If it comes from a printable source, it must be a B1G1 kind of deal. (bullet point #17)

    3. Printable coupons up to the value of $5 will be honored. So, if you have a higher value one, that's too bad. (bullet #16)

    4. Finally, if you use a B1G1 coupon, you cannot use another coupon on either of the items you purchase. So, no $1/1 coupon combination, for example. (bullet #18)

    I will post the entire policy under a Hannaford page later. Color this couponer, unhappy. :(