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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I NEVER buy anything I don't use, unless you are going to pay me A LOT of money to do so.

I collect every coupon I come across. Period. What about on items I know I will never use? I collect EVERY coupon I come across. And this is why...

Enter Rite Aid's RR deal on Fish Oil (which by the way, I have discovered is especially good for one's heart- after I managed to collect 8 bottles of the stuff.) Rite Aid ran a deal which gave a $16RR when buying certain “heart healthy items” when one spent $30 or more. And, they ran a deal which earned $10RR when you purchased $30 of Nature Made Fish Oil or Co Q 10 supplements, concurrently. Additionally, if you purchased $50 of “heart healthy items”, you would earn an additional $20RR. On top of all that, these counted towards the “Winter Rewards Program” where you spend $100 on certain items, and you earned $20RR back. Add all this together with several $3.00/1 and $5.00 /1 coupons and a nice little buy one, get one free sale and the final deal looked something like this:

Nature Made Fish Oil costs $10.99 each bottle.
Nature Made Co Q 10 costs $30.99 each bottle.

I spent an initial out of pocket expense of $30 buying one bottle of the CO Q 10. Then, over the rest of 2 weeks, I used my earned RRs combined with some coupons to purchase 8 bottles of Nature Made Fish Oil for FREE. I received back a total of $86.00 in RRs, which I then used to buy things I actually do use and need. In the end, the store paid me $56.00 to carry the bottles of supplements to my car. And, what did I do with the product? I gave several bottles to my grandmother, two bottles to one of my Christian brothers, two bottles to an elderly woman living in a retirement home, and I am sitting on two bottles for whoever else might come across my path and want/need them.

I never buy products that I don’t use or want or need… unless the store is willing to pay me A LOT of money to do so. And, I clip, save, collect EVERY coupon I come across.

One of that weeks purchasing trips:

Total Products:
22 Breyers Ice Cream $2.99- 2RR each= .99 cents + $5RR to buy $15 or more
24 Stayfree Maxi Pads B1G1 on a B1G1 sale= FREE
8 Dawn $ .97-.25/1= .72 cents
4 Hamburger Helper $ .99 cents
3 Fish Oil Vitamins $10.99 ea x3= $32.97- $11.00 coupons -$40 RR total
1 CO Q 10 Vitamin $30.99-$5.00 coupon-$16 RR-$10RR
2 Nueraprin Muscle Relaxer = Free Mail in Rebate $20 each
1 Orbit Gum .69 cents (filler for one transaction)
2 M&M pound bags 2/$5-$1/2 x2= $1.50 each
3 Bags Ginger Snaps .33 cents (clearance)
2 Bags Chex Mix 2/$3- .50/1 x2- 2RR= FREE
Total Product Cost $271.06

I ended up spending $12.23 out of pocket
I earned $34 in Rite Aid Rewards AND I have $40 rebate check coming= Profit $56.68

Additionally, at Walgreens I snagged:
4 Palmolive detergents
4 Dove Deodorants
4 Aussie Shampoo & Conditioners
2 Bags Combos
Total Cost: $37.92 with coupons and using RR's I paid $5.09

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