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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sometimes Unexpected Glitches Just Happen…

I already earned my $20 Winter Rewards RR on my account. I already earned the $20 Winter Rewards on my Grandmother’s account. I have been working to earn the reward on my Mother’s account. I understand how to do it, but my understanding the system, does not necessarily mean that the system will work perfectly every time. Case in point…
Last Monday night, I walked into Rite Aid expecting to purchase some Depends underwear for my Grandmother. They were not on sale, but I had a coupon and I had a 10% off reward to use. This is not my normal purchasing attitude, but I only had a week left to get my Mother from $47 to her $100 Winter Reward goal and she was going to purchase the Depends somewhere- it might as well add to earning rewards. $19.99 less 10%, less $2.00 was worth it, in this instance. This purchase should have brought the total to nearly $67, but when I got my receipt, it only showed earning a mere $21 towards the $100 needed. Confused, the kindly store manager made a quick call to 1-800 Rite Aid. I was informed that it would be credited shortly. So, I waited and expected all to be put right- eventually. Knowing I had until Saturday, I did not panic… yet.
On Tuesday, I stopped in for some Edy’s ice cream, (which was on sale) in the hopes that the receipt would now be printing the proper totals. It was. And, once my new purchases had been added, the total was sitting at $76. All was good in the world.  
On Wednesday, after talking over the sense of stocking up with my Mother, I decided to purchase another package of Depends, since my last coupon would expire this week and that purchase would bring me within $4 of the needed amount. I calculated carefully my transactions. My plan was brilliant, or so I thought.
The Plan:

Transaction 1:
1 Depends- $19.99- less 10%, -less $2 coupon= $16.98
2 Right Guard Body Wash- $8.38, earn $6RR
2 Purex All-In-One- $7.98 B1G1 -less 2-$3/1 coupons= $2.38 Total $27.74, pay with $10RR and $17.74 cash, and earn $20RR + 2- $3RR from Right Guard

Transaction 2:
5 Johnson & Johnson Baby Soap- $2.99, earn $2RR each
1 Desitin Lotion- $2.99, earn $2RR
1 Q Tip- $2.99, earn $2RR
Total: $21.98, pay with $20RR and $1.98 cash, earn $14RR

But, I completed my first transaction and *surprise!* no $20RR printed and the total at the bottom of the receipt only reflected my current purchases. So, I called 1-800-Rite Aid, again, and was informed that the system had not updated, but would within 48 hours, and if not, I could call back and the rewards would be mailed to me instead. So… I decided to forgo making any purchases for transaction 2 and wait. I wanted to gift those lotions to a friend expecting a baby; spending $0 for them was in the budget, spending $21, was not.

This illustrates that sometimes the best laid plans can go awry. It is not pleasant when they do, but sometimes things just happen. When they do:

1. Be polite to the store staff. Even though it is frustrating, it is not their fault.
2. Contact the person who can remedy the situation. Sometimes, that is a clever clerk; sometimes it is the corporate office.
3. Keep your receipts in case you need proof that you are entitled to a reward or refund.
4. Follow the instructions you are given- even if it means waiting 48 hours- seriously???
5. Remember, you win some and you lose some. This is not the only sale there will ever be on this product. The product on the shelf is not the last being made on Earth, ever again. And, in the large scheme of things, it is just not the end of the world.

As it now stands, I am in a holding pattern. I will wait until Friday and attempt to buy a package of Mentos, which I can get for .25 cents by using a coupon and I hope it triggers the $20 Reward. If it does, I have some baby lotions to buy. If not, I will take my own advice.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. Great attitude Sonja!! Patience...it can be so hard! =)

  2. I tried patience, but it didn't work. I followed the instructions, purchased a small filler item on the Winter Rewards list, and... Nothing printed... again. After a 20 minute phone call, I am supposed to wait another 2 days and it should print... We shall see.

  3. My rewards posted to my account on Friday. Very happy about that.