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Thursday, January 5, 2012

.25¢ Popcorn and .39¢ Hydrogen Peroxide at Walgreen's

Walgreen’s Popcorn and Hydrogen Peroxide

I have been waiting for a good deal on Hydrogen Peroxide for a couple of weeks, since I needed some for my family’s “emergency kits”.  When I saw bottles on sale this week for .39¢ each, I knew that this was a stock up price, so I picked up 3 bottles. My kids love popcorn on cold winter nights when we put on an old movie and snuggle up in the family room. Is there anything better than warm, buttery popcorn and a mug of hot cocoa? Mmmmmm. These individual sized bags were on sale for .25¢ each with the in ad store coupon.
My last purchase at Walgreen’s was Kleenex tissues. With winter here and in force in Maine, I wanted to grab a couple of boxes for the days ahead. These were priced at $2.69 and $2.29, respectively, but they both qualified for the Buy One, Get One sale and I had (2) .50¢/2 manufacturer’s coupons. The math looked like this: $2.69+$2.29=$4.98, less $1=$3.98 for 4 boxes or .99¢ each. Wait. What???? Yeah, that’s right. I spent nearly $1 each for these! I didn’t mean to. When I did the match, I figured $2.69/2-.50¢=.85/box and $2.29/2-.50¢=.64¢/box. This goes to show the importance of understanding the “order of operations” when calculating coupon values. As depicted above, it does matter. In this case, it was a difference of paying $3.98 for 4 boxes or paying $2.98 for 4 boxes. When you are counting your coupons, make sure you subtract their value before you figure in any sale amount on a buy one, get one offer. Lesson learned.
Sonja ♥

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