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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Walgreen's: To Roll or Not To Roll?

As I was putting my sales together for this coming week, I realized that I had (4) $1RRs that were going to expire today. I had already made my purchases for this week, used the coupons I had planned on using, and had not anticipated going back into Walgreen's this week. I do not choose to shop each day; instead, I prefer to get my shopping finished in one or two days and move on to other things in my life. So, what to do? Basically, I had $4 that were going to be useless to me come the morning and I did have physical therapy for my shoulder, so to town I was already going... Use those RRs, I would. But, how???

Sean and I grabbed a flyer on the way in the door. First, I checked out the clearance rack to see if there was anything I couldn't live without. There were a couple of items that were interesting; Wet 'n Wild nail polish and Rimmel eye shadow on clearance for .75¢ and $1.09, respectively. But, I passed. I did not really need make up. I did splurge on (2) nail files priced 2/$1. We looked in the paper goods aisle. We could use some paper towels and trash bags, but nothing was on sale for a "stock up" price, so I moved on. ThermaCare wraps were freebies, we decided to buy 2 of them. And, a package of 2 tennis balls for $1.99 for the puppies made its way into the buggy. A quick turn down the candy aisle and I added (2) bags of Lindt chocolates on sale for 2/$5 finished off my shopping. The before sale/coupons/RRs total was $19.15.

The Math:
Sean purchased 1 Thermacare and used one $1 RR= $1.62 out of pocket and he received a $2.50 RR.
I purchased 1 Thermacare and used one $1 RR= $1.62 out of pocket and I, too, received a $2.50 RR.
Then, I purchased everything else; doggie tennis balls, Lindt chocolates, and nail files. My total came to $8.99 I paid with (2) $1 RR, (1) $2.50 RR and $1/2 Lindt from the Walgreen's December coupon book bringing my total to $3.94 with the tax and I still have (1) $2.50 RR to go with the sales I posted for the week beginning Sunday. All told, we spent $5.56 out of pocket. The net cost on these purchases was $3.06. Not too bad.

The shelf was fully stocked with the ThermaCare heat wraps and I use them on my shoulder or any achy muscles in my body, so I anticipate stopping in to grab a couple more of these tomorrow, if I go passed the Walgreen's. I will use a $2 RR (which I earned last week) when I do to make the cost out of pocket only $1.12 and I will earn a $2.50 RR for each one.

Sonja ♥

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