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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear Blog Frugalistas,

I have had quite a go of things since March; among these were (1)a fall which injured my ankle and left me less than myself, (2)a car accident which totalled my vehicle and damaged my person, (3) recovering from these, (4) assisting with our annual charity golf tournament, (5) increasing my time in my Christian ministry work, and all the other mundane routines we wifes, mothers, sisters, friends do each day.

So, cupboards depleted and stockpile dwindled, I am starting again, almost from scratch. In the last few days, my husband has valiantly cut up the coupons we have been stockpiling (and sadly, not taking advantage of). Then, came the sorting and the nearly painful task of throwing away myriads of unused coupons. All those sales I missed!

I am inching back into this blog-thing. My past experience showed me that couponing, can take only a few hours of planning each week or many hours scouring webpages, sales flyers, and couponing sites. I am chosing the former, as I have no time for the later.

I am excited to continue this journey of saving money and contributing to a better life financially for my family. I heard a quote once that stuck with me about the relationship between husbands and their wives:
The man said, "I make a living. And, she makes life worth living."
My husband and I are a team, with the same goals in life. He works hard to support his family. Should I not work as hard to make that support stretch as far as it can?

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