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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Finally... CVS!

I have been a little jealous of those friends and family members who live near to the CVS Store. Our closest one is just over an hour away. Though, I had been just itching to cash in on all the great deals I spied on the web, it was just not worth the travel in gas monies to do so. On Thursday, though, a dear friend of mine suggested I meet her for lunch in Waterville. Since, I was planning on going there anyway, I just HAD to stop in to sign up for a card and see if I could find any deals for me. I did!

I needed printer ink. Usually, I spend about $40 on ink at Staples. But, CVS had the ink I use for $36 for a combo pack. This was great at $4 less than what I spend at Staples. It got even better with the $10RR when you buy two ink cartridges. I considered buying two and stocking up. Then, I noticed single ink cartridges for $19.00 each. Buying them individually would cost me $38, which would seem to cost more, but check out the math.

Combo pack price $36.
Purchase 2 packs= $72, less $10rr= $62 (or $31 ea pack; $15.50 ea ink)

Individual pack duo $38, less $10rr= $28 (or $14 ea ink)

Transaction #1
Purchased 2 single ink cartridges $38.00, earned $10RR= $28 net transaction

Transaction #2
Purchased 2 Dove Shampoos & 2 Dove Conditioners $4.79 each, earn $5RR when you spend $15. I had two B1G1 Dove coupons which were expiring this week and I wanted to stock up on some, so I had been looking for a sale. What a FIND!

4 Dove Shampoos/Conditioners= $19.16 + .88cent Sunkist (filler)= $21.09 w/tax
less two B1G1 coupons= $11.51
less $10RR from transaction #1= $1.51 cash, earned $5RR

Since CVS is so far for me to travel each week, I decided to use the RRs and take advantage of the .88 cent 2 liters and stock up, but the limit was five per customer. My daughter was with me and wanted her "special" shampoo (Suave for Kids). It was on sale, too and I happened to have a coupon, so I agreed.

Transaction #3
2 Suave 2-in-1 Shampoos for kids $1.99 ea
- less $1/2= $2.98
3 Sunkist 2 liters .88 cent ea= $2.79
Total $6.06 w/tax.
Used $5RR and $1.06 cash

All told, for about the same price as I would have purchased my ink for at home, I was able to buy:
1 Black HP Ink
1 Color HP Ink
2 Dove Shampoos
2 Dove Conditioners
2 Suave 2-in-1 Kids Shampoo
3 2 liter Sunkists

I am very please with my trip and my first experience at CVS. And, I am looking forward to the next chance I will have to get to Waterville again.

♥ Sonja

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