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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Target Shopping, August 30, 2011

Total Retail Cost before coupons $73.12. After $35.60+ Tax.

I had planned on buying more than what is shown above, but when I got to Target, they were sold out of the Cascade 3pk, which would have been free with my 4 coupons and the Loctite Super Glue. And, the Keebler sale I wanted to take advantage of was not as good as I had hoped it to be. Also, I passed on buying the Fabreze Air Effects because I only brought 2 of the correct coupon and needed 3 more to make the sale work... and they were still at home. Which just goes to show, I should never shop without my binder- even when I have a spreadsheet and coupons all ready to go!

So, today I purchased:
3 Degree Deodorants trial size .97 cents. I used $1/1 coupon from RP 8/28. Final cost $.03 profit ea.
2 Mr Clean Magic Eraser Packs on sale for $2.69. I used $1/2 from PG 8/28. Final cost $2.19 ea.
6 Trident 3 packs on sale for 2/$4.00. I used $1/2 from SS 8/7 & $1/3 Target.com. Final Cost $1.33 ea.
4 Nabisco Oreo Cookies Snack Saks on sale $1.50 ea. I used $.75/2 SS 8/7 & B3G1 Free Target.com. Final Cost $1.12 ea.
4 Johnson & Johnson Gauze Pads 10ct $1.57. I used $1.50/2 from SS 8/21. Final Cost .82 cents ea.
4 Newman's Pasta Sauce on sale $1.87. I used $1/2 from 8/28 RP. Final Cost $1.37 each. AND I got a peelie on each one.
3 Oral B Floss on sale for $1.14. I used $1/1 from 8/28 PG. Final price .14 cents each.
1 Purina Beneful Dog Food 3.5 lb bag $5.49. I matched $2/1 from SS & $1/1 from Target.com. Final price $2.49
12 Purina Beneful Wet Food Reg Price $1.77. I used a B4G2 Free with two B2G1 Free coupons from Target.com. Final price 6 tubs of wet food for the price of two! $3.54 for 6 or $.59 each.

The key to this week's sale was combining sales prices with Target.com coupons AND insert coupons to make the most impact. My over all savings were 51% over the sale's prices because of the dual coupons.

This sounds good, of course, but it was not all sunshine and puppy kisses. I realized once I was calculating totals on the ride home that the Trident 3 pack cost me more than I should have willingly paid. Usually, gum can be found with a BIGI sale. When you use a B1G1 coupon, it makes the purchase free. These are not available every week, but in the last three months, I have seen more than one of these deals come around. I didn't NEED gum. I should have waited. I am always learning and I will chalk this one up to another lesson learned.

On the sunny side of the street, I was very pleased to find the peelies on the Newman's Pasta Sauce. The peelies are for $.75/1 Newman's Dressings (which are soooo yummy. No size restriction, so this is going to be a good coupon, perhaps doubled at Shaw's.) Also, I got a catalina for $1.00 off Target Pizza Hut which doesn't expire until October. My husband will LOVE that!

♥ Sonja

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