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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free Hand Sanitizer, Max Freeze Pain Reliever, and Deals on Notebooks

I started by buying these six Mead composition books for 3/$1.98. Each threesome earned one $1 RR. Total purchase $4.16 out of pocket, earns two $1RR

Transaction 2:
Purchase two hand sanitizers $1 each and each earn $1 RR. I Paid with the two $1 RR from the Mead Compositon Notebooks, so final cost .10 cents.

Transaction 3:
I purchased a third hand sanitizer for $1 and earned another $1RR. I paid with one of the RRs from the last hand sanitizer transaction. Final cost... Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

Last Transaction:
I purchased 4 Mead Single Subject Notebooks for the sale price of 2/$1. I paid with the two $1 RRs I had accumulated and paid again NOTHING.

6 Mead Composition Notebooks
4 Mead Single Subject Notebooks
3 Hand Sanitizers
Cost $4.26 for $16 worth of products.

Today, I bought a Max Freeze Pain Reliever Gel for $6.99 with a $6.99RR.
I paid cash and earned the $6.99RR. Then, I used the $6.99RR to buy another Max Freeze Reliever Gel with another Rite Aid card. I paid with the first $6.99RR and earned a new $6.99RR. I used that RR to purchase 3 Hand Sanitizers for $1 each and a $3.99 pair of earrings, which totalled $6.99 exactly. I paid with the $6.99RR earned, total cost NOTHING, and I earned 3 $1 RRs from the Hand Sanitizer. My last transaction was 10 Mead Single Subject Notebooks at 2/$1 and a $1.99 hand soap. I wanted to keep my RRs to roll towards more free hand sanitizer, so I paid $6.99 cash and earned another $1 RR. I earned a $2 Single Check rebate for spending $10 in Mead products.

Total Today $13.98 out of pocket, less four $1RR, less $2 SCR= Net transaction of $7.98 for $19 worth of products;
10 Mead Single Subject Notebooks
3 Hand Sanitizers
1 Hand Soap
1 pair earrings

Tomorrow, if I can find more hand sanitizer, I plan on buying two more sets of three on two more Rite Aid cards using the RRs I have already earned. I want to stock up on these. They come in very handy when we are camping, on road adventures, or when we meet a friendly dog who needs petting.

♥ Sonja

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