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Thursday, August 25, 2011

I am Learning to Love Walgreens

Yesterday's Shopping Trip:

I used a Buy 1, Get 1 FREE coupon on the 2 Axe products and combined that with the Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off sale.

Axe Products $5.79 x2= $11.58 Full Price
Buy One, Get One 50% Sale= $5.79
Buy One, Get One Free Coupon= $2.90, a 75% Savings

The rest of the products were merely on sale;
3 Sharpie Permanent Markers .39 cents ea
3 Walgreens 20 0z. .33 cents ea
2 Butterball Broth .50 cents ea
6 Mini Composition Books .15 cents ea
2 Pencil Sharpeners .39 cents ea
3 Papermate Pens 10ct .29 cents ea

Total Before Sale/Coupons $36.22
Total Spent $10.40
71% Savings

I have two more Axe Product coupons, so I plan on returning tomorrow to buy 4 more body washes. Total cost for the four products will be $5.79. I am also planning on picking up a few more of the 20 0z colas. I am picky about which sodas I will drink when it comes to regular cola or Mt Dew type drinks, but I have found that I can fool my taste buds when it comes to Orange cola. At this price, I will stick them in the pantry and use them for picnics or road adventures.

♥ Sonja

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