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Friday, February 10, 2012

Just a note that I had, in fact, already posted a blog similar to this one on Friday, but somehow in my effort to edit in a picture of what I purchased at Shaw's, the post was deleted. Replicating my writing is not my favorite thing to do, but there are some pretty good deals at Shaw's this week. So, here it is again... sort of. ♥

Buy 10 Knorr Sides on sale at 10 for $10. Use (3) $1/3 coupons from last week's newspaper to pay only $7.00 and receive a free 4 lb Rotiserrie chicken AND a 1.5 ltr of any Pepsi product. Pretty good offer, I thought!
Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls are on sale for 2/$3 this week. Buy 6 and use (3) $1/3 coupons from 2/5 GM insert and pay only $1.16 each. Or, if you have the peelie from a can for .55/2 you can use (2) of these to make them only .95¢/can when you buy 2.
Super Chill soft drinks are also on sale this week for .88¢. The ginger ale and fruit punch flavors are great to make punch with for gatherings or to drink alone. I also like to have the flavored seltzer waters on hand for easy cocktails and mixed adult beverages. I got (3) .25¢/1 coupons from the Wish Big, Win Big (WBWB) promotion, which ended on the 9th- the coupons are valid until 2/22. Using them this week brings each of these 2 ltr bottles to only .63¢ each. While I was shopping, I also found the Bangor store had the 1 ltr seltzer waters on sale for .64¢. You can use the $1/2 coupon from the Shaw's coupon book (check customer service or by the entrance door) and pay only .28¢ for both when you buy two of them!

Progresso Soup is on sale this week as part of the 10 for $10 sale. Use the $1/4 coupon from the 2/5 GM insert to make these .75¢/can. My husband and younger daughters love these because they are warm and filling as soup should be, but they are also more like home made. I like them because they are delicious and quick out of the can, or you can use them as a stock base and add more things to make them even better! For example, yesterday while Sean and Caleb were working on our van, I grabbed 1/2 yellow onion, some mushrooms, and the rest of a package of celery and sauted them until translucent for about 5-7 minutes in some butter. I added 2 cloves of garlic, slivered and cooked that a minute or two more. In went a dollop of cream cheese and a hand full of grated parmesan cheese to melt. I opened a can of Progresso Creamy Mushroom soup and stirred it in, letting it simmer until it was all combined, hot and ready to serve. Sean LOVED it- raved about it all day. So easy!!! All told, for the cost of some left over veggies and a .75¢ can of soup, it took me about 15 minutes of my time to create this yummy soup; well worth my effort for his praise.

The cost before sales/coupons came to over $85.00. I paid $33.51 for everything, a savings of 61%!

20 Progresso Soups @ .75¢= $15.00
4 Big Chill Selters @ .14¢= .56¢
1 ltr Mt Dew= FREE with promotion
12 Knorr sides @ .70¢= $8.40
4 UP2U gum @ .49¢= $1.96
3 Ginger Ale @ .63¢= $1.89
1 Orange Big Chill soda= FREE with WBWB promotion coupon
(1) 4 lb Rotiserrie Chicken = FREE with promotion
1 My Essentials Pasta Sauce= FREE with WBWB promotion coupon
6 Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls @ .95= $5.70

Hope you have a great week!
Sonja ♥

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  1. AwesOme job my friend as always!!! You inspire me to do better for sure!!