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Monday, February 20, 2012

Shaw's 2/17-2/23

I am afraid it is taking me longer to find the time to do these posts as my daughter's pending wedding moves closer and closer. I did find time to get my weekly shopping done at both Shaw's Supermarkets and Rite Aid. There were some pretty good deals at Shaw's this week. I hadn't time to sort and file all my coupons collected, so I took advantage of a couple of the deals while I was already out and in the are. I will make a return run when I go to Bangor this week for work.

All told, I purchased 10 boxes GM cereal, 20 boxes of various Hamburger/Chicken helper meals, 9 Hershey bars, 2lb strawberries all for $35.00. The bill rang up to just over $95 before sales and coupons. These are some of the deals with their coupon match ups (if they apply) that I was excited over. Enjoy!

There was no coupon match up for this, but I just bought 2 lbs of strawberries at Sam's club this week for more nearly $5/2LBS. This is a better deal. Also, you CAN freeze strawberries to use for shortcakes, mixed drinks, etc. I would not recommend trying to eat them raw again after freezing because of their consistancy.

There are $1/8 and $1/10 coupons available for this deal. Using it bring them to .50¢/cup AND you get a catalina for 1 FREE 4pk when you buy 10. Note: Cherie, did you get your catalina for this at the register?
Use $1/2 coupon from 1/8 SS2 to make buying the Barilla pasta .50¢/box when you buy 2 boxes. The coupon is for the whole grain variety. 

There are MANY various Hamburger Helper coupons available right now. I used (1) .90/4 printable coupon and (4) .80/4 printable coupons for my trip. That made them .54¢-.59¢/box. You can also use the $1/4 coupons from 1/8 or 2/5 GM inserts. Some markets have .75/3 in that insert- we didn't. printable from Coupons.com page 4 Zip 30062 I like these because the kids will eat them without a fuss and on nights when we have someone over unexpectedly, they feed a lot of people quickly. I "doctor" mine up by adding chopped onions, bell peppers, and topping it with additional parmesan cheese on the "Italian or cheese" varieties that use hamburger. I was interested to see a couple of new chicken varieties; lemon pepper and a spicy honey-mustard based chicken dish. I haven't tried them yet, but am looking forward to it.
You need to buy a total of 10 items to get the price. You can mix and match. And, you earn Box Tops!
Totinos Pizza Rolls- use $1/2 from 1/29 SS insert= .49¢/box
Betty Crocker Cake/Frosting- use $1/when you buy both from 1/22 SS insert= $1.49/both
GM Cheerio Cereals- use $1/3 from 1/2 SS or 2/5 GM= $1.16/box Use Printable Coupons HERE These are for .75/1 box on the Multi Grain Peanut butter and Dulce de Leche flavors. If your store has these as part of the sale (and I have read that they are), they will be free when the coupon doubles.

Have a great day!
Sonja ♥

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  1. Thank you for shopping with me Sonja. My total at the register was $111.?? after shaws card it was $76.?? after coupons it was $53.??. Adam was very happy to see i was spending his money wisely! haha