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Sunday, February 5, 2012

If you qualify for MaineCare, Food Suppliment Assistance, or other State of Maine Assistance programs, you may qualify to receive a FREE cell phone with FREE minutes each month. Depending on the plan you select your minutes can roll over each month and it also includes the availability to text. Additional minutes can be purchased through TracFone, but this is not necessary. Your account is reviewed every 12 months to see if you still qualify. This program covers one phone per household.

Sean and I already have cell phones for our personal/business use, but we applied for the program anyway so that our 11 year old would have a phone in case of an emergency. We chose the middle plan which gives her 125 minutes each month, which will roll over and covers texting at charge of 1min/text, free 411, 911, and gives her the ability to make long distance calls without roaming charges. This is more than sufficient for her usage. The lower plan covers 68 minutes each moth with an ability to make international phone calls without roaming. The higher plan covers 250 minutes each month, but minutes do not roll over and there is no international long distance available at this level.

I signed up via the internet HERE. They do ask for your personal information (date of birth, ssn, etc.) which I would have been wary of, but one of my friends already had the phone through the same service and experienced no trouble signing up. You can also enroll by calling 1-800-723-3546.

*Note: on the first screen, there is a place to note a "friend" referral, which credits your friend's account with 50 additional points. I was glad to help my friend receive credit and additional minutes on her phone. It took about 7 days to get the phone, which came fully loaded with minutes and ready to use after the battery charged overnight. We have had the service for about a week and so far, we have had no problems.

I hope this information comes in handy to you.
Have a great day, friends!
Sonja ♥

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