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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Today, I wanted to stop by Rite Aid to buy some boxes of banana moon pies. The six pack boxes were in the $1 clearance section in the Hampden Rite Aid and with my Rite Aid Wellness card I get a 10% discount on these making the box of 6 only .90¢. I thought that was a good price, but what brought me back into the store was the .50¢ peelies on each box.
.90¢/ box= good.
.40¢/box= GREAT.

Additionally, combos, Lay's Stax, T.G.I.F. Potato Skins as well as some other items were on sale for $1 with a promotion of Buy $15 and get a $5 RR; an additional savings of 30%; AND, of course, I had additional coupons! Yeay!!! I anticipated a "after school snack draw stock up" in my future!

I bought (4) bags of Combos, (6) bags of Chex Mix, (4) T.G.I.F Potato Skins, and (4) Lays STAX cans. I had coupons for $1/2 for the combos and the Chex Mix. My total for these items rang up to $20.94 less my $5 in coupons brought it down to $15.94 and I received $5 RR back for a net cost of $10.94 for all 18 snacks or an average cost of .61¢ each bag/can. As I mentioned, the 6 boxes of Banana Moon Pies cost me an additional $2.40 for all of them.

I also picked up some $1 Sea Salt and Steak Seasoning Spice in the $1 clearance section and a box of trash bags because somehow, I was "out" at home. With my discount card, these were .90¢ each.

The promotion ends tomorrow, but the Hampden store had lots of stock still available when I left. I am behind in my planning for the sales beginning Sunday, but I hope to get them put together this afternoon and will post what I find soon.

Take Care!
Sonja ♥

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